Friday, May 20, 2011

Abortion, bathtubs and guns

Down in Texas, Governor Rick Perry has signed a law that mandates a sonogram before a woman can get an abortion. What if we required gun buyers to view pictures of gunshot victims before purchasing a gun? Those pictures would include dead and horribly maimed children, of course, since kids make up half of all accidental gunshot victims.

The Texas law also provides for the woman to listen to the fetus' heartbeat. Maybe we can get some dying gasps from those gunshot victims. People at ERs across the country need to start recording.

Texas law now says a woman who wants an abortion must wait 24 hours after the sonogram before having the legal medical procedure aka abortion. Meanwhile, the number of states with a waiting period before buying a gun is in the single digits and doesn't include Texas. Why bother? As this site points out, there should be no waiting period because 1. someone could drown you in your bathtub and 2. citizens who need guns for self defense right away are left vulnerable. Like if someone wants to drown you in your bathtub and you don't have a gun, I guess you tell them to stay right where they are and you run down to the corner gun store where you can immediately buy a gun and rush back to shoot the bathtub-drowner bad guy.

The Texas government has insisted that this sonogram be performed. Meanwhile, almost any idiot can have a gun. There are no tests. You are allowed to possess something built specifically to do bodily harm and/or kill without any test. But to undergo a legal medical procedure, you have to also undergo an unnecessary test. In this time of skyrocketing medical costs, you are required to undergo an unnecessary test that has nothing to do with the legal medical procedure that you and your doctor have decided to have done.  The governor in Texas will do his best to get between you and your doctor because he is such a staunch defender of human life. Except that time he let Cameron Todd Willingham be executed when there was exculpatory evidence. Or when he vetoed the ban on executing the mentally retarded. Or for any of the (record number) 200+ executions performed while he is governor of Texas. (Remember, this guy wants creationism taught in Texas schools, doesn't believe in climate change, hinted Texas might secede and is friends with racist, misogynist gun nut Ted Nugent, who performed at his 2nd inaugural.)

By the way, Texas law does not require a permit to buy a gun, has no registration for ownership, no assault weapon law, no owner license required, no waiting period.  It is easy peasy to get a gun in Texas.

I have this scary image in my mind of the type of person who would oppose mandatory gun training and waiting periods before being able to purchase a gun but who gleefully advocates for sticking a probe up a pregnant woman's vagina and then making her wait to get a legal medical procedure. It is not a pretty picture. It is probably accurate, however. And I bet that person voted for Perry.

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