Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ball 4, take your base

A main feature of the Democratic party is both strength and weakness: it is very, very diverse.  Currently, the dems have about 40 African-Americans in the House of Representatives. Republicans have enough to count on one hand with some fingers amputated. (There are no current Afr/Am Senators from either party.) Hispanics: 1/1 D/R in the senate,  2-1/2x more dems than repubs in the house. Women: 2-1/2x more dems in the senate and in the house.  Gays...who knows? The dems have more openly gay because the repubs have zero. Their gay elected officials are busy passing anti-gay legislation. I assume that makes their closets into fortresses.

Beyond the fact that we dems are not all alike, we are not the lockstep type. One of our (dem) weaknesses has been that if we don't like the candidates, we might not vote at all. We tend to vote for people we like, not against people we don't. Rove, Cheney and company have taught us a lesson, though, as has the minority Republican senate, the party of NO that has obstructed legislation a record number of times just to be able to thumb its nose at Obama. While the dems struggled to pull together their diverse constituency, the Republicans held together and managed to act like a majority when they weren't. 

Now, however, the Republican steamroller has been hijacked.  The constant NO vote has forced it onto a far right path populated with strident racists and homophobes, people who are convinced that straight white men should legislate on private, personal matters in an upstanding Christian way while they give fellatio to Corporate America, defecate on middle and working classes and perform adulterous acts with their underlings. Whew, can you tell it pisses me off a bit?

While the rusting machine that was the Republican party sits in right field leaking toxic liquids, unable to move forward or back, the Democrats are at the plate. We could be hitting 'em out of the park until the Republicans pull their wreck out of the game. So, why aren't we? It's as if the Republicans are telling us they're going to pitch 3 straight strikes and we will whiff each of them, so we say okay and wander back to the bench. Enough. Just aim for right field and swing away. We really can't lose unless we beat ourselves.

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