Monday, May 16, 2011

GOP plans to end outsourcing

What do Planned Parenthood, sex education, abortion, homosexuals, preschool, college grants, creationism, evolution, unions and the Supreme Court decision on corporate funding of elections have in common?  They are all parts of the grand scheme by the GOP to bring jobs back to America, by god!

Just think of it:  do away with Planned Parenthood, don't allow sex ed in schools, abolish abortion and make sure everyone's straight. Result: more babies.

Eliminate preschool programs and college grants, teach creationism instead of science. Result: those babies will never reach their full potentials.

Destroy unions and let Corporate America swiftboat the elections. Result: those grown babies will have to work for whatever Corporate America decides to let them have (which may dwindle to 3rd world paychecks in a generation if all else goes according to plan) and the government will just smile benignly. Yay free enterprise!

After all this goes down, there won't be any reason to outsource anymore. We'll have plenty of dirt-cheap labor right here in the good ol' USA. In fact, other countries will want to build their factories and sweatshops here! Jobs for all those grown-up babies!

The high tech stuff, the cutting edge research and development can be done overseas, where the smart people will be. It's safer that way than to have any smart people left here in the States where they might not appreciate this system.

I bet you didn't know the GOP really had a plan to end outsourcing, did you?

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