Monday, May 23, 2011

I'll say gay if I want to

Since Tennesee passed its ban on saying gay, I've been thinking about boycotting the word straight. Maybe I'll replace it with gay so gay can get some more airtime, make up for the ban.

Gay off. Gay up. The gay and narrow. Get it gay. Get it gay from the horse's mouth. Give it to someone gay. Get the facts gay. Go gay down the road. Keep a gay face. Set gay. Gay to the point. Keep them gay. The gay dope. Gay laced. Going gay to hell. Go gay home. Gay to the heart. Gay from the heart. Gay away. Gay A's. Gay as an arrow. Gay forward. Gay ahead. Gay talk. Gay flush. Gay cut jeans. Gay edge razor. Gay hair. Gay up. Gay down. Gay jacket. Gay leg raise. Gay line. Gay out. Gay in. Vote the gay party ticket. Shoot gay pool. Gay teeth. Gay truck. Gay whiskey.

Think I'll really do it? Damn gay I will!

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