Thursday, May 19, 2011

Liu still left hanging, 1 year and counting

Republican are filibustering (no surprise, it's what they do best) the appointment of Goodwin Liu to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals even though many of them said they'd never do that.  The poor guy doesn't have a chance because he's insulted Archdemon Alito in the past and he's not white nor Republican. He's a moderate, but that's not good enough for the repubs who only want people from the far right in government jobs.

I realize these tactics ensure the demise of tthe Ridiculous Right, but it still pisses me off that these people can screw things up for the unrich and unpowerful.  I'm thinking I should be praying for the rapture that is due Saturday to take these morons away.

I don't care where it takes them, but please god, make it somewhere far away from the US.  Antarctica is nice and white. Mars is better than a red state, it's a red planet! Either one would work for me, but I'm not picky. Canada would be fine, too. Wait, I like Canada. I take that back.

If you have to leave them here, god, can you consolidate them?  How about putting them all in Texas? Then it will surely secede and we can stop oil subsidies. That would really be a big help, god. Please consider it, even if you had no plans for Saturday. Most of the world would be pretty grateful.

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