Saturday, May 14, 2011

They all look alike

The old argument about all politicians being alike is resurfacing.  It's patently untrue as it pertains to today's Democratic and Republican parties, but as much as the right hates us they are spreading this inanity.


Because their party is failing them. The face of the Republican party wears clown makeup. It spews conspiracy theories, engages in racist and homophobic fear mongering and desperately wants to believe money will win. Big money, that is. It doesn't concern itself with political conservatism as in fiscal responsibility and small government. It prefers to kowtow to the rich and powerful and to legislate on sexual orientation and reproductive rights. Hey, small government doesn't belong in the bedroom! No matter, they certainly aren't listening to this blog.

This epic fail, which started with W., has shaken the ridiculous right. It cannot bring itself to admit a mistake. Example: how many mainstream Republicans said over and over and over, oh..I take the President's word when he says he was born in the US but the people have a right to question whatever they want? Most of them. Name one who flatly denounced this bit of race-baiting crap. I will: McCain. Now, your turn. No? No one? Fail.

So, since the RR cannot admit a mistake (let alone the thousands you'll probably read about here) they try to save face by insisting there's no difference between the dems and the repubs. They're all alike, those politicians.

Except they aren't. The ones with the clown makeup are the stuff from a Stephen King nightmare. Follow this link for another view.

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