Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who what

Hello. I'm Raney, short for Ranebow which is an online nick I've been using for 15 years or so.

I've had blogs before, starting at GeoCities back in 1996 or so. I have my own domain. I've made web pages for myself and others, nonprofit, personal and business. I chose blogspot this time around because if I set it up on my domain, it would be another week before I picked which script to use. I do love looking at open source toys!

I'm a liberal, a lesbian, in love and living with my better half. I have some things to say that won't fit on my facebook status. I might not keep this blog up for long. I need to rant a bit, though.  Conservatives tend to make me grumpy, and there are many here in the USA. You'll find I'm often grumpy because of that.

Come back now and then if you like reading liberal views. Otherwise, your best bet is probably to go away before you read something that pisses you off as much as you do me.

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